Theme Weddings

Tony Cunha our stage and floral decorator will help you with a dream Theme wedding.

Each Wedding is memorable in its own right but a stylish Theme Wedding can surpass even the most lavish event any couple can organize at home.

Our Wedding themes can help you to design and create exclusive sets combining light effects, dramatic drapes and elegant flower arrangements so that the wedding celebration can be everything you ever dreamed it could be.

Celestial Wedding

When we say "celestial", we often think of a dark starry night, perhaps a shooting star on which to make a loving wish, or a beautiful moon that casts its soft light upon the earth.

Some couples choose to be married outdoors at night, which can be wonderfully intimate when you only have a small wedding party present. However, for a larger gathering, it's best to choose an indoor location. As a general celestial theme wedding, your decorations will consist of gold stars, yellow moons and suns, twinkle lights behind dark fabric, and tables covered in black or navy blue.

Cultural Wedding

Cultural weddings from around the world are filled with their own unique and special customs. Whether your wedding is based on a religious tradition or is influenced by your heritage, there is always something special that you can use to make your marriage celebration personally, and uniquely, yours.

Oriental Wedding

Wedding colors for an oriental wedding would be red and yellow. White is not used. Adding Asian ethnicity to a wedding can be as much a statement as an actual origin. Silk fabrics, brocades, dramatic lines and colours can add the right touch of Asian flare to your wedding. Mix and match traditional elements with Asian counterparts to create a truly eclectic look.

Fairy tale Wedding

When someone says "fairytale weddings," we immediately think of Cinderella or perhaps a Disney destination wedding. However, not all fairy tale weddings need to be a copycat of the Cinderella theme. With a little imagination and "thinking outside the box," we can find numerous ways to have your fantasy dream wedding that is elegant, but based on the fairy tale that you enjoy the most.

Historical Period Wedding

A historical period wedding embraces the classical nature of specific and well-known time periods of the past. With their fascinating histories and clothing styles, these types of themes are sure to be a hit with your guests.

Ancient Roman Wedding Theme Celebration

Break out the togas! Invite your guests to an ancient roman wedding celebration ceremony and feast with this historical period wedding idea.

Ethnic Indian Wedding

Get Royal by combining rich tapestry of Indian colours, costumes and magnificent décor.

Floral Weddings

Floral weddings are a beautiful choice for a wedding theme idea. Since floral arrangements and bouquets are an important part of the decorations, basing your entire theme around these enchanting plants is quite practical.

Romantic Wedding Theme

Candlelight, champagne, a beautiful aura of ambience - this is what a romantic wedding theme entails. From soft subtle colours to fine music and elegant decorations that speak to the heart, a romantic theme wedding is what many search for.

Contemporary Wedding themes

More and more couples are searching for unique wedding ideas in order to make their wedding different from the norm. They want it to be more special - more personal - more memorable. In order to do this, it's wise to focus on your wants, desires, combined personalities, and hobbies.

Rather than sticking to a Victorian themed wedding or a retro throwback, look for unique ideas that bring forward your special interests. For example, those that really admire Elvis Presley may choose to plan an Elvis wedding. Some hobbies make for very nice and memorable themes. How about an "Artists of the World" theme, where you showcase your favorite artist - or perhaps feature one famous painter per guest table? If you really into music, then you can have your theme wedding done around your favorite songs, band, instrument, or the genre of music that you enjoy.

Wonderful Winter land Wedding

Delicate snowflakes and sparkling ice crystals can usually be found within most winter wedding ideas. With a bit of creative imagination, your winter wedding theme can truly become a glamorous and magical wonderland.

Spring Wedding Theme

It's time to gather spring wedding ideas for your upcoming marriage celebration. Spring is a season of renewal, where flowers begin to bloom, leaves pop out on the trees, and birds serenade you with their lovely songs. It's also a season that provides a wealth of beautiful wedding theme options.

Summer Wedding Theme

If you're looking for summer wedding ideas, then you're in good company. Summer is the most popular time of the year for weddings, especially the month of June.

Movie Theme

Customized set up of your favorite movie sets with Bollywood/ Tollywood/ Hollywood artists on request.

Garden Wedding

Garden Themed Wedding can be very festive. It's the perfect opportunity to have fun with vivid colours. Pick complementary colours for your accents such as blue and orange.

Eco-Friendly Theme

An Eco-Friendly Wedding balances elements by being planet-friendly with contemporary elegance. We use materials found in nature to decorate your centerpiece or guestbook-signing table.

Classic Theme

A Classic Theme doesn't have to conjure up images of your grandma's dining room table. Pieces that are more traditional in nature can be intermingled together to create a truly sophisticated and interesting themed wedding.