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Security & Safety
At Leonia Holistic Destination, we consider guest comfort and security as our priority.
We would like to share with you some of the proactive security programs that are integral to the operations of our hotels.
Our destination security apparatus includes:
  • Round the clock perimeter security
  • CCTV Coverage Framework
  • Baggage Check In Counters
  • Hand Held Detectors, Door Frame Detectors and Baggage Screeners
  • Dedicated Fire/Life/Safety systems and monitoring
  • Comprehensive emergency response plans that staff are regularly trained on
  • In certain situations, the destination team has been trained liaise with the local law enforcement agencies.
  • In emergency situations, the destination security team and staff have been trained and oriented with Fire Safety and Emergency Response Protocols.
A note to our valued Guests:
  • Our security protocols are designed to ensure a hassle free experience to the guests. However, the guests are requested to cooperate with security procedures.
  • Our security team is trained in ensuring a great guest experience including privacy without compromising on the security priorities.
    • Vehicles are requested to drive below the speed limit of 10 km/hour within the Destination Premises to avoid the occurrence of even minor collisions.
    • In the activity areas, guests are requested to follow the safety instructions of the supervisors and staff.
    • In order to maintain high standards of health and hygiene, Food and Beverages may be restricted in the vicinity of certain pools. These measures are in place to avoid contamination of water in the pools. Sign boards for Pool Entry entail the general policy.
    • While the destination has a Lost and Found Facility and the staff have been trained to assist Guests in relocating lost items and articles, the Guests are requested to take care of their personal belongings.
      • Kids
        • While the destination is a safe space for kids to play and have a great time, Parents and Guardians are requested to monitor the kids and their movements.
        • Our staff has been trained to assist Parents and Guardians visiting with Cradles and Baby Karts.
      • Women
        • With a team of Women Security professionals to assist in screening and troubleshooting, our destination is safe and secure for women guests.
As our valued guest, we are committed to creating an environment of security and well being throughout your stay.